Daily Archives: January 9, 2007

Ancient Global Warming Was Jarring

The LA Times takes on global warming in the past Foreshadowing potential climate chaos to come, early global warming caused unexpectedly severe and erratic temperature swings as rising levels of greenhouse gases helped transform Earth, a team led by researchers at UC Davis said Thursday. The global transition from ice age to greenhouse 300 million […]

Call It “The Rock”

Perfect name for a team that features Martin Brodeur in goal (from CBS Sportsline) For a chunk of change, a piece of the rock will be the next home of the New Jersey Devils. Prudential Financial Inc. and the NHL team on Monday announced the company will pay $105.3 million over 20 years to call the […]

More Police Graduate In Iraq

Another story you will never see in the Big Media (from Operation Iraqi Freedom) About 125 Iraqi Police officers, assigned to various units in the area, graduated from the first Iraqi PoliceTraining Academy in Baqubah recently. "Officers from the Emergency Ready Forces, the Quick Reaction Forces, and Baqubah Iraqi Police participated in this two-week long […]

Tuesday Linkfest: Does The Official Dem Blog Go To Far?

I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with the Democratic Parties official blog, which I have excerpted from several times previously, but, tell me if this is acceptable Most days I feel like the President must be like a 5 year old child, standing on the furniture, jumping up and down, screaming that […]

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