Tuesday Linkfest: Does The Official Dem Blog Go To Far?

I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with the Democratic Parties official blog, which I have excerpted from several times previously, but, tell me if this is acceptable

Most days I feel like the President must be like a 5 year old child, standing on the furniture, jumping up and down, screaming that he's the boss while his parents look on in stunned disbelief. When the parents try to reason with the child, he puts his hands over his ears and starts yelling, "I can't hear you…"

I guess in Liberal World it is acceptable, considering what they have been saying and implying for over 6 years now. Smears, lies, inferences. It certainly isn't as bad as many, many, many of the things I have written, but, then, I do not work for the Republican Party, whereas Tracy Russo works for the Democrats. So much for the new Democratic civility.

Anyhow, it isn't anything unexpected from a Democrat, including an official one. Furthermore, the article is taking liberties and calling Bush a "5 year old child" even before he releases his actual revised plan for Iraq. Pelosi and Reid were pretty much saying "No" before it is even known. Typical. Especially since they want to cut and run within 4-6 months.

It will be very funny if W comes out with something really surprising that isn't a huge "surge."

If you want to read what Bush's speech should be, check Scrappleface.

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