More Police Graduate In Iraq

Another story you will never see in the Big Media (from Operation Iraqi Freedom)

About 125 Iraqi Police officers, assigned to various units in the area, graduated from the first Iraqi PoliceTraining Academy in Baqubah recently.

"Officers from the Emergency Ready Forces, the Quick Reaction Forces, and Baqubah Iraqi Police participated in this two-week long training academy," said Maj. John J. Herrman, Task Force Blue operations officer. "Those officers are now ready to assume their duties as the rule of law enforcers here in Baqubah."

The training for the IP officers was provided by their own Iraqi instructors and special weapons and tactics team, otherwise known as SWAT, Herrman said.

The training included classes on democratic policing, the Iraqi Constitution, rule of law, weapons safety, proper firing techniques for both AK-47 rifles and handguns, shoot and maneuver, hands-on defensive techniques, dismounted patrolling as a member of a team, mounted patrols, react to improvised explosive devices, first aid, and entering and clearing a building, Herrman said.

I'm surprised, because the media keeps telling us there is absolutely no progress in Iraq.

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