Oh, No, Iraq Is All About The Oil

Well, not really, but, don't let the Left get ahold of the knowledge that there is actually an Oil Protection Force in Iraq

Artillery Soldiers visited two oil-gas separation plants in Janbar Thursday to check the progress of the Oil Protection Forces guarding pipelines south of here.

The OPF, funded by the Iraqi Ministry of Oil, guard the infrastructure that keeps the oil flowing in the area. 

Soldiers from Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 3rd Battalion, 7th Field Artillery Regiment, 25th Infantry Division, met with the OPF to learn how they can better support the Iraqi Forces and ensure they continue to receive the tools they need for success. The 3-7 Soldiers make themselves available to assist with training, supplies and guidance on a variety of issues.

“If they need anything, we help them get it and get it to them,” said Staff Sgt. Cedric Stevenson, platoon sergeant. 

What they are doing, of course, is protecting the primary asset, after people, of the nation of Iraq. In Liberal World, it means that we, meaning BushCo and the necon USA, are there to steal the oil. Strange people.

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2 Responses to “Oh, No, Iraq Is All About The Oil”

  1. Ravenwolf says:

    I walk the port side of the ship…70% of the oil has been promised to American owned companies…It is not protecting for any reason of Glory…But self interest,and is like the WMD panel so to inspire confidence and detract the thiking we are after there Texas tea…(yea)…We are taking what we want and sacrificing American lives for unjust causes…We went to a country hat had no part in our strife of 9-11.”He is a dictator ,heh, heh)Sorry but my port deck walk makes me say “but he is so far down the list of evil after (Darfur..no oil or resources we want & China..with massive military-Nukes-all our money)So yes I can see the reason to hit Iraq?The country that was literally next dor to where we needed to be?????(I enjoy reading these post,I am on the left but do respect these views no matter if I agree or not)

  2. While I do not think, nor believe, that we went there for the oil, as far as reasons for war, oil is probably one of the best. The world economy runs on it, and if bad people control it, that can be an issue.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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