Pardon The Border Agents Cont’

Just received an email, like many of you, from Grassfire regarding the two border agents who were convicted for persuing, shooting, and arresting a drug smuggler, who happened to be an illegal alien

Ron De Jong (our Communications Director) and I are on Capitol Hill today for a major press conference with members of Congress calling on the President to pardon Agents Ramos and Compean.

I will be presenting over 220,000 petitions to Rep. Ted Poe of Texas. Congressmen Tancredo, Jones, Rohrabacher and others are expected to attend. Then, we will be delivering petitions to key members of Congress.

Please go here for audio updates that we will be filing throughout the day from Capitol Hill. You can also send your comments directly to me while we are in Washington, D.C. Go here:

Also, if you have not yet scheduled your faxes, please do so right now. The mainstream media is ignoring the plight of these agents:

We must turn up the heat. If these agents go to jail, it will further cripple our ability to secure our borders (perhaps you heard the report last week that our National Guard was in full retreat at the hands of armed illegals in Arizona!).

Thanks so much for standing with Grassfire!

Steve Elliott, President Alliance

Keep the fire goint! If you haven't signed the petition, go do so! How can we possibly secure the borders when we put those tasked with securing them in jail?

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