New Stem Cells: Will The Left Embrace Them?

This is pretty good news (from the Raleigh N&O)

A Wake Forest University scientist says he has discovered a new class of stem cells in the wombs of pregnant women that may provide an alternative to embryonic stem cells.

The new cells, unlike embryonic cells, could be harvested without the destruction of early-stage human embryos. That means research and development of treatments using these cells would probably not be subject to the tight financial restrictions the Bush administration has imposed on scientific work involving embryonic stem cells.

Dr. Anthony Atala and collaborators at Wake Forest and Harvard universities found the cells in amniotic fluid, the liquid that surrounds embryos and fetuses in the womb. The fluid is routinely extracted during prenatal tests. The team has also isolated these cells in the placenta, the blood-rich organ that nourishes fetuses in the womb and is usually discarded after birth.

Let me just correct one thing: the only restriction is using federal money for ESC research. The reporter eventually gets to that late in the story.

Now, placental and adult stem cells have already shown great promise, as well as clinical tests cures, without the massive and prevelant tumors caused by ESC's. The thing about ESC's, though, is that they are thought to be capable of being turned into any type of cell, while adult stem cells (ASC's) can only be used for specific ones. Liver ASC's cannot be used for heart ASC's, so the research shows, so far. Placental research is really just starting.

The problem with ESC's is, of course, that the embryo must be destroyed to harvest them. Also, they cause massive and prevalent tumors in clinical trials. Placental's are taken after birth. It appears that amniotic can be harvested while still in the womb, without damage to the fetus. The question is, can they be used to create any cell, like ESC's supposedly can?

The other question is, will the Left embrace this new type of stem cell, which does not require the destruction of the embryo? The major reason that the Left supports ESC's is because it helps in their number one issue, abortion on demand. It is another excuse to keep abortion on demand legal and easy to obtain.

Consider: researchers need human ESC's to create human treatments. You can only get human ESC's from human embryos and fetuses. Does that not mean that they are humans, so that, by killing them, you are killing a human?

Don't expect this research to create much interest from the Democrats.

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3 Responses to “New Stem Cells: Will The Left Embrace Them?”

  1. JulieB says:

    I suspect it will be embraced by anyone with Parkinsons Disease and the doctors who see stem cells as a potential for curing many illnesses. I don’t think stem cells per se are political. I think the research needs to get done and if the cells can come from a more common less expensive source then the medical researchers will go there. I guess I have a little more trust in our capitalistic society to go for the cheapest, easiest source of material.

  2. Scrapiron says:

    Not acceptable to any of the Dhimmi’s. It doesn’t require killing a baby.

  3. We’ll see, Julie, we’ll see.

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