The Path To 9/11 Redux. Let’s Go Diving!

In case you haven't heard about it, or, been sitting on a lake drinkin' and a fishin' most of the day (while the leftards did their little protests on a beautiful day!), taking one's Blackjack out every once and a while, Hannity is going to air the unedited footage of the movie The Path to 9/11. You remember, it was the once last year which the Libs blew a coniption fit over, along with Clinton, and got ABC to remove some of the scenes.

Well, if you want to read more about the story, check out Blue Star Chronicles (giving the hat tip to Beth for the story) and Hot Air, which has edited and unedited video.

Rather then discuss the merits of the film and the issue, let's see what our Free Speech, Truth, 'n Peace lovin' Liberal friends at the Hufftardian Post have to say

  • These F***ing guys just won't quit, why is it so hard for them to tell the truth? I would love to get in the ring for three rounds with that pussy Hannity. (peace)
  • This is FOX's "crystal night" cover story: their attempt to cover up the fact that 9/11 was a black flag operation which had nothing to do with Ben Laden (Ben Laden is not even wanted by the FBI for 9/11). (truth)
  • Cheney and Murdock are in cahoots to take over the world. (truth)
  • Come on Dems, hurry up with that Fairness Doctrine legislation already. (FS)
  • 911 was an inside job anyway. (yes, I'm one of the 'Official Story' doubters.) Whatever crap ABC or FOX give us, just remember it's all garbage. You laugh? Check out and download a movie or three. You'll soon find out that I'm not Shirley MacLaine. How can people be some dumb? Recall the fake 'Osama' videos the govt came up with? The one with the fat Maharishi that they told us was skinny, diabetic Osama? The one wearing a gold ring (forbidden)? Feeling smug that you know what happened on 911 because you read the mainstream news and believe it will not help straighten out the mess we're in. (truth)
  • Does someone have a list of Fox News' advertisers? I would be happy to write. (FS)
  • Collusion between FOX and ABC to propagate right wing propaganda. May be Murdock should buy ABC then it would be on the up and up. (truth)
  • Here's an idea for the Democrats: How about taking up legislation that requires broadcast networks to legitimately qualify for "news broadcasting licenses." What a novel idea! Fox is an entertainment network–not a news network. They should not be allowed to pretend to be a news network–they are a joke! A bad joke… (FS)
  • Bush's legacy will be a legacy of failure. His first failure was the failure to be properly elected. His second failure was his failure to stop 9-11 despite repeated warnings. And so on.. (truth)
  • Fox TV must be BANNED!!! That is the only answer- ban it NOW! (FS)
  • Bullshit moot point. Osama Bin Laden died in August 2006 of disease. Probably Typhoid Fever. He was hiding out in the earthquake ravaged region in Pakistan when he contracted it.

    FAUXNews should be reporting it. The rest of the entire world is reporting this fact. Even the Saudis know this to be true. The Saudis told Cheney in person on his recent trip to Saudi Arabia.

    Both Saddam and Osama are dead! Time to go! (truth)

  • Anyone who is still in doubt about the "path to 9/11" should watch the new Alex Jones DVD TerrorStorm. It's all there, folks. No tin-foil hat lunatics, just evidence. 9/11 was an inside job.

    We are obviously headed for a false flag operation in the gulf, or another state-sponsored "terrist" attack here. Dark days. (truth)

OK, enough. That covers the highlights of the first three pages of comments by the Hufftards. Not much violence, but, that could come later. So far, the DUmmies do not seem to be rising to the bait. Yet.

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2 Responses to “The Path To 9/11 Redux. Let’s Go Diving!”

  1. Scrapiron says:

    The dhimmi’s have more fuel (as soon as it dries) for the fire after the anti-america demonstrations today, they have ‘POOP’.

  2. I’m trying to find one of their typical “our right to free speech is being taken away” rants. Those are always good for a hoot.

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