Daily Archives: November 15, 2006

Save Iraq, 2002!!!!

From US Newswire Leading advocates in the urgent fight to stop the genocide in Iraq will provide on- the-ground updates on the continuing atrocities and deteriorating regional security situation at 1 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 21. On Nov. 24, the Peace and Security Council of the African Union will meet to address the conflict. David Rubenstein, […]

Kids Favor Wake County School Bonds

Sure, it is easy for them, they don't pay property tax!!!! (h/t Ogre) KIDS SAY 'YES' TO BONDS: Wake County students also liked the school bonds this week — a lot more than their parents did. The $970 million school bond issue was favored by 74 percent of the students who participated in the Kids […]

Kofi Annon: Guess The Booby

Kofi certainly has earned the Booby Award this week Secretary-General Kofi Annan told the U.N. conference on climate change Wednesday that those who would deny global warming or delay taking action against it are "out of step" and "out of time." The U.N. chief lamented "a frightening lack of leadership" in fashioning next steps in […]

WTW: Surrender In Iraq Is The Right Thing To Do

And a good redneck morning to all. Prophet Sallami Sallami Mohammed here to let you know that all you neocons out there really need to listen to those wonderful Democrats. Video: More Surrender Monkey See? Leaving Iraq before the mission is done wouldn't be a bad thing. And, we promise not to take advantage of […]

American Flag Business

Hey, y'all, Jebediah here on this here White Trash Wednesday. And we have another fine member to add to the American Flag League. Y'all give a big ole' rebel yell for The Thunder Run Welcome aboard, Matey!

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