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Vernon Robinson For Congress (NC-13)

Culture Of Corruption In NC

But, it is not Republican Former state Rep. Michael Decker today identified House Speaker Jim Black as a co-conspirator in a criminal case in which Decker got $50,000 in campaign checks and cash in exchange for his support for Black as speaker. Decker made the statement today while testifying at a hearing in federal court. […]

Tony Snow’s PC + GOP Says “Apologize, Sen Kerry”

Did anyone happen to catch Tony's press conference today? There were many reporters out there acting as apologists for John Kerry. Perhaps they should be asking why Kerry hasn't apologized to the troops. Remember when the media was all over President Bush for not apologizing ala Richard Clarke? Maybe the media should do its job, […]

More Proof Dems Are Bad For National Security

This time, from the Senator that the Big Media has all but annointed the next President Criticizing President George W. Bush's foreign policy from Iraq to Afghanistan and North Korea to Iran, the wife of former president Bill Clinton called for a more internationalist approach to foreign policy in a speech at the Council on […]

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