Daily Archives: November 21, 2006

Piss Off, CAIR

You simply have to love these guys. They back the what is, in fact, a violent religion. Sure, Christians, Jews, and other religions can be violent, but none of them are fighting for world domination in the name of their religion. It wasn't members of those religions who have hijacked airlines, killed passengers, blown planes […]

Nance Pelosi Joins The Nutroots, Plus Cut and Run

I find it very interesting that so many of the Democratic Congress critters post their nutty stuff within the Left-O-Sphere. Folks like Kerry, Conyers, Kennedy, John Edwards, Brad Miller, etc. Now, we have soon to be Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi throwing some red meat to the Hufftards, with a post entitled "Bringing the […]

Global Nutroots Offers N.E.W. Plan For Iraq

Just when I thought it would be a boring political day, the global nutroots folks chime in Concerned citizens from over 150 countries have supported a campaign to run newspaper ads in the United States and United Kingdom today calling for a new strategy for Iraq, including a U.N.-led international peace conference. The effort is […]

Tuesday Linkfest: Dems Silent On Politics, So Am I

Morning, all you crazy right wingnuts out there! I'd say it was a good morning, but, my Giants stunk it up again. And, since the official website of the Democratic Party has nothing to say about what they plan to do, to heck with politics for the moment. I mean, it is two weeks since […]

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