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So Much For The Myth Of The “Caring Progressive” Part 2,489

We have seen how pleasant the nutroots folks were when VP Cheney was in the hospital in Denver, what happened when The Gipper passed on, when Laura Ingraham got breast cancer, etc, and so on. Now, this is how the Huff Puff, one of the biggest repository of left wing nutjobs, responds to the "Tornado's […]

The Left Doesn’t Like When People Say They Hate The Military

They do hate the military, they just donn't like when you say that. It is actions like San Francisco banning Junior ROTC that prove that they do, along with actions like this CHAPEL HILL – The day after news that a soldier from Orange County had been killed by a bomb in Iraq, protesters marched […]

Only 31% Polled Said Remove All Troops From Iraq?

Wait, here it comes Voters want a new direction on Iraq and expect a Democratic victory to bring troop reductions: 40 percent expect a decreased number of troops and 31 percent want the removal of all troops, according to the MoveOn poll. (SEE NOTE 2 below). Nonetheless, voters remain conflicted about the pace of reductions […]

Thirsty Thursday Linkfest: Pledge Time!

And a happy Thursday to all you crazy right wingers! Picked up at Ogre's, some loony lefties (are there any other types?) have come up with a Pledge on how they will treat Conservatives. I started sneezing while reading it. I'm allergic to bullsh*t. Kender, in his infinite wisdom, has come up with the Conservative Pledge. […]

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