Thirsty Thursday Linkfest: Pledge Time!

And a happy Thursday to all you crazy right wingers!

Picked up at Ogre's, some loony lefties (are there any other types?) have come up with a Pledge on how they will treat Conservatives. I started sneezing while reading it. I'm allergic to bullsh*t.

Kender, in his infinite wisdom, has come up with the Conservative Pledge. Make sure you sign it.

With liberals/progressives/surrender monkeys in charge of Congress, I might have to finally break down and purchase this baby (Cheetah, first on list down). Hey, I'm 5'8", and it fits my hands poifectly!

If they keep Congress in 2008, and a Dem is elected president, it becomes a necessity, along with this beauty for long range, and this for up close and personal like. Nothing like an integrated silencer.

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8 Responses to “Thirsty Thursday Linkfest: Pledge Time!”

  1. My Pledge to Liberals…

    Bruce’s friend Murray of Hitting Metal with a Hammer pointed us to this article, which dissects the Liberal Pledge email that is making the rounds and that is now displayed prominently on Michael Moore’s web site as well. It’s possible……

  2. A long time…

    TFM has supported the death penalty for years but is beginning to question if it would be wiser to let convicted killers like rot in jail for life with no chance of parole. It would be cheaper for taxpayers and justice would still be served. What do …..

  3. Ogre says:

    Don’t forget the ammo. Buy lots and lots of ammo- while you still can.

  4. Congressional Casualties via the Military…

    How DARE she or any other politician think they “know more” about military operations than those that are on the ground, those that talk to the soldiers IN Iraq????
    One has to wonder if Hillary has any clue as to what an ass she sounded like and how…

  5. You betcha, Ogre. Not sure whether I should invest in more for the PSG or for the MP5 and/or Barreta. Long range vs close support.

  6. Stix Blog says:

    Murtha gets stomped…

    Well, I guess John cut and run Murtha got a thumpin’. Looks like the reat of the Democrats are not going to put their tail between their legs and crawl home and say uncle. Or at least not as fast…

  7. GT says:

    “I’m 5’8″…”

    Well, that says it all right there. Short men always feel obliged to over-compensate.

    Initially I thought this was a parody; I’m still hoping so (I’m not very smart). If not, you have managed to drive my contempt for short men up another few points.

    Yet more evidence for why men ought not be able to own cars that they can’t see over the top of. And why anyone who is under 6-foot who wants to be a politician, ought to be killed outright.

    On the plus side, there are two things. \ffirst, Thanks for the tip towards the site hosting outfit…

    Secondly, your piracy will help mitigate global warming – that, along with a heaven consisting of a beer volcano and stripper factory, is one of the tenets of the Flying Spaghetti Monsterism (all praise be to His Noodly Majesty).

    When will you be joining the military and volunteering for overseas service in Iraq or Afghanistan? Coz, like, if you’re not prepared to gear up, you just know you gots to shut the f@ck up… unless you’re a cripple or a retard (and being under 6-foot isn’t crippling, except psychologically).



    PS… Yes, I know – the fact that I live in France (and in a castle, no less… with swans and everything… but sadly no peacock) means that I have surrendered. but get this – as a 6-foot-2 surrenderee, I still feel better about myself than any short-ass.

  8. Gee, a liberal with no sense of humor, just insults. Why am I not surprised?

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