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Dems, Any Plans? + ECU Over NC State

Since it was another quiet politics day, I wonder if the Demorats have advised us of their plans for the next Congressional session. No? They are just bitching and moaning over who gets what office? Daaaaaammmmmmmn! Meanwhile, "we are the Pirates of ECU!!!!!!!" slap North Carolina State around in Raleigh. 21-10 is the final. Link for […]

A Christmas Story Redux

Yeah, not quite what you expect(NSFW) [gv data=”vMoZrC5JlM8″][/gv] Linked to: The Uncooperative Blogger, Blue Star Chronicles, Stuck On Stupid, 123 Beta, The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns, Is It Just Me?, Persuing Holiness, Cao’s Blog, Woman Honor Thyself, Stop The ACLU, and Basil’s Super Blog.

Funniest Joke Ever

Well, since the Democrats are refusing to discuss and/or release what their plans are, as has been going on for six years, I suppose that, beyond speculation and historical precedent, have to go with silly video’s for amusement.

Rwanda Expels France Over Genocide

A quick perusal of news sources, CNN, MSNBC, cBS, etc, finds no mention of this story, at this time. It takes a French news source to smack around France, I guess French diplomats in Rwanda have hurriedly packed their belongings and prepared to leave after the government severed ties with France in a major row […]

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