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Today’s Stoopid News

Nothing like a drunken Moose A moose that became inebriated after binging on fermented fallen apples in northern Sweden drowned when it fell through the ice of a frozen inlet, a Swedish tabloid has reported. "The moose appears to have eaten too many fermented apples and become confused out on the ice," Luleaa police spokesman […]

Video For Your Mobile Phone/PDA

Do you have a mobile phone/pda that plays video? Ever wonder how to get vids on it? Well, problem solved, here's the 411. First, you need to get the video in a proper state. More often, when you download them from the web, they are going to be in flash format. And a great site […]

Leftards Into Massive Boycott Mode. Again

You really have to love these people. They love their little boycotts against business. Sure, some on the Right have done this now and then, such as when the American Family Association said they would boycott WalMart (CNN wrote that they were a religious group, like that is a bad thing), but, nowhere near what the […]

TrackBack Friday, Featuring The DNC Surrender Monkey! 11/24/06

And a Happy Friday to all! Hope everyone is doing fine after all the alchohol and trytophan. How are those expanding pant waists doing? đŸ™‚   Yup, nothing that says "hey, we are an ethical Party and want to bring ethics to American politics" like pushing Alcee Hastings for the chairmanship of the House Intelligence Committee. […]

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