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Hillary The Dems Favorite? Not. So. Fast. Part II

On the heels of this previous post about the Nutroots hatred of Hillary, we get another one over at the Hufftard Post. What do they have to say?  Time to get a clue Hillary. You are not as great or popular as you think you are. I really don't think Obama should run, but if […]

Testing something

Yup, Blogrolling is boned again, except for Blogspot and a very few other blogs on line journals.

Progress In Iraq

What? You mean there is? Why doesn't the MSM tell us these things? KIRKUK REGIONAL AIR BASE, Iraq, Nov. 29, 2006 — The new Iraqi air force have returned to the sky, performing a variety of missions throughout the country, thanks to training and support from U.S. and coalition advisors. At Kirkuk Regional Air Base, […]

It’s About The Nativity

Why is it that so many on the Left are scared of religion, specifically the Christian and Jewish faiths? Islam, the religion of violence, they have no problem with, but, put something out there which portrays Christ, and they go all wonky. In Chicago, they are having issues with advertisements for the movie The Nativity […]

WTW: I Thought Libbies Were Pacifists?

Morning, y'all, Jebediah here. Ya know, I reckon' that them thar Liberals keep telling us that diplomacy is the way to go, that fighting never solved anything, that if we all just sang Kumbaya and other leftists claptrap, everyone would be nice. So, what happens when a Liberal is asked nicely about one of their […]

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