Hillary The Dems Favorite? Not. So. Fast. Part II

On the heels of this previous post about the Nutroots hatred of Hillary, we get another one over at the Hufftard Post. What do they have to say?

  •  Time to get a clue Hillary. You are not as great or popular as you think you are.
  • I really don't think Obama should run, but if it could fuck up Hillary's run, then I say go for it. Hillary will energize the GOP base like you wouldn't believe. And the liberal base of the Dems don't like her giving them the finger all the time, so it's a win-win for the GOP if Hillary's the nominee, and they know it.
  •  Who gives a fuck what that bitch thinks.
  • If a Democratic candidate supported the Iraq War, I see no reason that he or she even be considered as the Democratic nominee. Having supported the decision to go to war in Iraq represents a monumentally egregious failure of judgement, vision, backbone, character, honor, accountability, and leadership. There is no defense for it. There is no excuse for it. There is no explaining it away.

    Hillary, Edwards, Richardson, Biden, Kerry, and Bayh are all on the wrong side of history. They were all very tragically wrong on many levels and many fronts.

  •  I have never believed Hilliary could win the Presidency. She lost all confidence when she voted to suspend Habeas Corpus. (Huh?)
  • Bill and Hillary are putting their heads together trying to come up with a stratedgy to deal with the possible O Bama threat. Watch your back boy, you may have a serious accident. Those carpetbaggers take their politics seriously. (How about that racist "boy" thing)

More of the same follows, with a smattering of "Hillary's candidacy is a neocon plot."

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