Daily Archives: November 7, 2006

What Sort Of Crack Is The Media On?

I swear, I am checking the reports on several different sites, and they are calling races, both for Democrats and Republicans, with less then 10%, sometimes 1%, of the returns having been reported. Fox actually called NJ for Menendez, by the time I clicked to the NJ page, Kean was up 51% to 48% with […]

Howie Dean Was A Whinin’!

And it was nice of the people who run the official Democratic website to post his little cheese filled screed (I also recieved it in email form. Was a hoot!): There's another thing I want you to be aware of as your and your neighbors head to the polls today. There have already been widespread […]

Surrender Monkeys Give Ultimatum To Surrender Monkeys

Surrender Monkey Manifesto Only hours before a critical mid-term election, polls continue to show Americans are looking for a new direction, and nowhere is that need clearer than in Iraq, and in the Bush Administration's foreign policy, says Peace Action. "President Bush says he does not read polls, but this election will be one poll […]

Any Exit Polls Yet?

Snicker, snort, chuckle.

It’s Here. Election Day 2006

Have you voted (GOP) yet? No? Go. Now. Immediately. The "local" Raleigh paper, The News And Observer, which is read from the Triangle all the way down to the coast, shows what the Democrats "stand" for The postcard that went into North Carolina homes last week showed a majestic view of the White House. But […]

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