Daily Archives: November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving In Iraq

A nice story from Operation Iraqi Freedom Thanksgiving Day has historically been the biggest meal military dining facilities serve around the globe. This year’s banquet in Baghdad will be no exception. “We spent nearly $12 million on food for the troops in November,” said CWO 4 Shawn Malinowski, the Multi-National Division – Baghdad’s command food […]

Hey, Guess What, Libs? Darwinism At Work

You keep telling us about survival of the fittest, that God had no hand in creation, and Darwin is the the grand poobah. What do you have to say about this? Animal and plant species have begun dying off or changing sooner than predicted because of global warming, a review of hundreds of research studies […]

PSSSST! Update Your Blogs

I was checking blogs off my blogrolls, rather then the RSS program, and notices a lot of blogs hadn't been updated since October 23rd. That is incorrect for quite a few. October 23rd was when Blogrolling fixed the issue that kept sites from showing as updated, and, apparently there is still a problem. Many of […]

WTW: Indian Clerics Do The Right Thing

And a good morning, infidels, Prophet Sallami Sallami Mohammed here. Miscreant Michelle Malkin highlights a story of the glorious religion of peace from India LUCKNOW, India – Muslim clerics at a leading seminary in India have asked people to refrain from using verses from the Quran as ringtones for their mobile phones, saying the practice […]

WTW: Monkey Say No, Monkey Do

And a happy White Trash Wednesday, y'all. Jebediah here, and this story is simply a hoot A Mississippi mayor has pleaded guilty to misdemeanor weapons charges after carrying a handgun on church and school property, and a gun rights group thinks now would be a good time for him to step down from Mayors Against […]

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