Daily Archives: November 10, 2006

And They Say Liberals Aren’t Weak On Terror

So why is this story not top billing on so many liberal news sites? Britain's spy chief has said authorities are tracking almost 30 terrorist plots to "kill people and damage our economy" and expressed concern over future terrorist attacks using chemical, biological or nuclear weapons. MI5 Director Eliza Manningham-Buller said in a speech released […]

It Will Be OK, No MEDS

OK, GOPer’s, time to get up, get off the MEDS (Midterm Election Depression Syndrome) 😉 I just really wanted to find a way to work that song in. Love her voice.

Iraqi Military Providing Interdiction, Marines Work With The Locals

The Democrats keep telling me that everything is bad in Iraq, and that the Iraqi miltary is nowhere to be found. Huh? (from DefenseLink) From a distance it looks like a classic summer scene: boaters enjoying an afternoon on the river, taking an occasional dip to cool from the sun. But that’s far from the […]

Trackback Friday Featuring the Surrender Monkey! The Economy

And a Happy Friday, all you neocons out there. Drop the MEDS (Midterm Election Depression Syndrome), and get ready for two years of us ripping the majority party!!! Seriously, it will be interesting to see how the Democrats treat the economy. If it continues roaring along, will they finally say it is great, and credit themselves? […]

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