Daily Archives: November 12, 2006

Terrorist Surveillence: Victim Of Liberal Weakness?

Again, we warned you, and Democrats show that they do deserve the label "Defeatocrats." Legislation aimed at President Bush's once-secret program for wiretapping U.S.-foreign phone calls and computer traffic of suspected terrorists without warrants shows all the signs of not moving ahead, notwithstanding President Bush's request this week that a lame-duck Congress give it to […]

Theme Switching In WP 2.0 +

So, you upgraded to WP 2.0 and higher. Guess what? It doesn't really like alot of the old theme switching plugins. What happens is, you pick a different theme, and the page reloads with the same one, so you have to refresh. And, sometimes they come up blank. Or, you get "the theme has moved […]

Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

And a Happy Sunday on this Veteran’s Day weekend, hope everyone is doing well. Wishing a Happy Birthday to President Gerald Ford, who is now the longest living president in US history. Fun in Liberal World The typical progressive: “conservatives should shut the f*ck up.” Save Darfur!!!! You know, because it has nothing to do […]

American Flag Business

We have another fantastic member to add to the American Flag League, who I would like to say I'm sorry to for taking so long to add. Give it up to Techivampire Welcome aboard, Matey!

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