Theme Switching In WP 2.0 +

So, you upgraded to WP 2.0 and higher. Guess what? It doesn't really like alot of the old theme switching plugins. What happens is, you pick a different theme, and the page reloads with the same one, so you have to refresh. And, sometimes they come up blank. Or, you get "the theme has moved here."

A bunch of my favorite bloggers have this happen to them.

Best one is this one.

Very easy to use, and you can pick which themes you want to show. Most people keep WordPress Default around, for the popup comment module. But, do you want to see it and use it? Probably not. So, don't pick it.

Heck, I have several themes loaded that I am not picking at the moment.

The only downside is that you must turn the plugin off to edit your themes. No big deal. What you do is add a little code so that if theme switcher is turned off, you will not get error codes.

  • Forget the div stuff, that is what I need for my PiratesCove theme. You may need something similar, theme dependent, which is why it was included in the screen shot.
  • The line with the h3's is what posts the header titles on the sidebar. Make sure it matches what the other sidebar titles you have. You can change "themes" to whatever you want.
  • The line with php wp_theme_switcher can be used as a dropdown, or, if you want a list, just remove everything between the ( and ). Do not remove the ( and ).
  • What the top PHP line says is that if theme switcher is on, then you will get the list or drop down. If it is turned off, then it will not be loaded, so you will not get an error on the sidebar. The final php line completes code.

Also, make sure that you turn a theme off in the theme configuration if your are going to delete it! Otherwise, people are left with a blank page, and not everyone will realize that they need to clear cookies.

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