Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

And a Happy Sunday on this Veteran’s Day weekend, hope everyone is doing well.

Wishing a Happy Birthday to President Gerald Ford, who is now the longest living president in US history.

Fun in Liberal World

You just can’t make this stuff up. Well, I mean, they can make it up, but they live in a world if insanity which lacks soap and shampoo.

Thought for the day: I really need to replace my office chair. Using it while still wet from the pool has finally ruined it. Sigh.

Second thought: for all those having a fit over how Bush has handled Reid, Pelosi, and other Democrats, ie, breakfast and stuff, take a chill pill. Bush has always been cordial and tried to work with everyone, regardless of what they have said about him. Doesn’t mean he is going to roll over and pass the Democrats legislation, unless it is in the USA’s best interests. Take a deep breath, and let’s wait and see what happens.

Captain Ed discusses surviving MEDS (Midterm Election Depression Syndrome :))

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More: I was going to take a humorous look at what the Demaloons are whining about vis-a-vis election fraud, exit polls, etc, with some of the juicier comments, but, found way too much information at the Demaloonic Underground. I mean, really, they still cannot get past the 2000 elections. LOL! And, so sad.

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