Surrender Monkeys Give Ultimatum To Surrender Monkeys

Surrender Monkey Manifesto

Only hours before a critical mid-term election, polls continue to show Americans are looking for a new direction, and nowhere is that need clearer than in Iraq, and in the Bush Administration's foreign policy, says Peace Action.

"President Bush says he does not read polls, but this election will be one poll he cannot ignore," said Kevin Martin, executive director of Peace Action, the nation's largest grassroots peace group. "The Iraqi people have made it clear they want U.S. troops out of their country, and now the American people are going to make it clear as well, with Iraq the No. 1 issue among an electorate that is poised to take control of Congress away from a Republican majority that has been a rubber stamp for Bush's misadventure in Iraq. It is time to bring our troops home as soon as possible, and for a foreign policy based on human rights and international cooperation, not threats and war."

The U.S. occupation of Iraq is not the only issue of concern, however, and a new congressional leadership will need to heed public concerns on related issues, including:

— No permanent U.S. military bases in Iraq

— Accountability for the administration's handling of the Iraq war, including the multi-billion dollar no-bid contracts to politically connected firms such as Halliburton

— A commitment to fund reconstruction for the people of Iraq

— Direct dialogue with Iran, and a cessation of saber- rattling brinkmanship and military threats

— Direct dialogue with North Korea over its nuclear program

A Democratic leadership that refuses to respond to the public's will with specific action should take no comfort in their newfound power, added Martin. "This election will not represent a desire for two years of finger-pointing or blaming the administration," he said. "The American people are restive, and if the Democrats do not take swift action on Iraq and related issues, they should expect continued protest over administration policies — except this time the protests will be directed at them."

The group, Peace Action, has 100,000 members, but their attitudes and ideas are certainly represented by many, many, many progressives, who will expect all of those dems elected today to move far to the left, and surrender.

Is this what you want? Go vote!

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3 Responses to “Surrender Monkeys Give Ultimatum To Surrender Monkeys”

  1. Carl says:

    Dems won. How long before they work to pull the troops out of Iraq before the job’s properly finished? How long before Nancy Pelosi goes back on her promise made on 60 Minutes that no impeachment hearings against Bush would be held? How long before the centrists/moderates/conservatives within the Democratic party conflict with the liberals? Here’s to hoping the Dems screw the pooch badly enough to ensure a Republican President in 2008. Or at least no Hillary Clinton as the 2008 Democratic nominee.

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