Video For Your Mobile Phone/PDA

Do you have a mobile phone/pda that plays video? Ever wonder how to get vids on it? Well, problem solved, here's the 411.

First, you need to get the video in a proper state. More often, when you download them from the web, they are going to be in flash format. And a great site to rip them from websites is As the instructions say, after you download a video, you must add .flv after the file name.

Now you have it. You need a program like CinemaForge or Flash to Video Batch Converter to change them from flash to a different format. If you plan on opening them in Windows Movie Maker, do not convert the flash to MWV. Tends to error out.

Next up, you need to convert them to a 3GP format. This program will do that. Yes, it is in some oriental language. That's OK.

Once you download it, unzip it, of course. Click on setup, choose English. You alsow need to choose the format closest to your phone. Check the manual or manufacturers website for the specs, or just play.

Next, just follow the directions, and change the vid. It really is that easy.

How you upload it to the device is on you. Right now, I have several Monty Pythons and South Park vids on my phone.

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