Rwanda Expels France Over Genocide

A quick perusal of news sources, CNN, MSNBC, cBS, etc, finds no mention of this story, at this time. It takes a French news source to smack around France, I guess

French diplomats in Rwanda have hurriedly packed their belongings and prepared to leave after the government severed ties with France in a major row over events that sparked the 1994 genocide.

Facing an expulsion order that gives them until Monday to quit the country, expatriate staff and families at France's embassy in Kigali as well employees of all other French state institutions ordered closed readied for departure.


Rwanda broke off diplomatic relations with France on Friday after a French judge implicated Rwandan President Paul Kagame and top aides in the 1994 assassination of the country's former leader that touched off the genocide.

You know, that genocide of 800+ thousand Rwandans that the United Nations and President Clinton sat around and watched turned their backs on.

Look, even if the Rwandan President and top aids were involved, is that France's business? Should a French judge be mucking around in Rwanda's business 12 years after the slaughter occured? This is what so many on the Left around the world want, internationalism, whereby every country can stick its business in another's and force them to comply. 

EU countries love throwing their tiny little weight around, trying to be relevant. Perhaps they should have gotten involved in the first place, with multilateral force, back in 1994, rather then looking away and hoping the problem disappears like a magic act. 

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