So Much For The Myth Of The “Caring Progressive” Part 2,489

We have seen how pleasant the nutroots folks were when VP Cheney was in the hospital in Denver, what happened when The Gipper passed on, when Laura Ingraham got breast cancer, etc, and so on.

Now, this is how the Huff Puff, one of the biggest repository of left wing nutjobs, responds to the "Tornado's in North Carolina Kill 5" (which has been update to 7 dead, dozens injured, at least 4 missing, and 5 in critical condition, 4 of who are children, via WRAL)

  • The best description of Nature I've ever heard was simple: she's beautiful, but cruel. I'm not suggesting that this tornado was caused or intensified by global warming, but it is a reminder of how powerful Nature can be.

    God bless these families. (could be worse)

  • HEY ! . . . ATTN: Christian Hypocrites ! . . . When does the fake "War on Christmas" begin THIS year ? Pretty soon ? I need to know, since I need to schedule my sacrifices to Ba'al . THANKS SO MUCH. (thanks for your sympathies)
  • Umm, could someone please proofread these headlines? This is the second one in a week which was messed up. (Remember "Air America Sent White Powder…") (this really matters why?)
  • Since the election something has been missing on this blog! Let me be the first – these tornados ARE CLINTON'S FAULT! Bwahahahahaha! (yeah, that is really funny with 5 dead at the time of the articles posting)
  • We need a Federal Law, to stop those greedy, corrupt, unconscionable Trailer Maunufacturers from putting tornado magnets in their products. Sure it's great for their business, gets them a lot of repeat customers, but it doesn't seem fair, does it? (another lib who thinks death is a laughing matter)
  • gawd must really HATE trailers (mobile homes). out.

The typical progressive mind. Making jokes and silly asides, likely because this happened in what they call a "flyover state." I fail to recall Conservatives laughing over deaths in New Orleans, despite the fact that the vast majority of those in trouble were certainly Demcoratic supporters.

Well, here's an old Bartcop saying for ya, progressives.

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4 Responses to “So Much For The Myth Of The “Caring Progressive” Part 2,489”

  1. linda says:

    Consider the source, William.

  2. they are all a bit wonkers.

  3. Royale says:

    I checked the link and some of those comments were spam. It doesn’t seem fair to me to base your argument on that.

  4. Perhaps not, Royale, but, those comments are simply those within the first 10-15 comments, and it is not the first time I have seen that kind of follishness and uncaring. If the tornado’s hit in, say, New York (which is possible), instead of North Carolina, would the thread have been different?

    Perhaps it pisses me off more then normal, considering I live in NC, and know people down along the coastal area.

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