The Left Doesn’t Like When People Say They Hate The Military

They do hate the military, they just donn't like when you say that. It is actions like San Francisco banning Junior ROTC that prove that they do, along with actions like this

CHAPEL HILL – The day after news that a soldier from Orange County had been killed by a bomb in Iraq, protesters marched down Franklin Street to the Army's new recruiting station.

For more than a mile, 40 to 50 mostly student protesters chanted, "Out of Iraq! Out of our schools!" and "Recruiters lie! Civilians die!"

They were surprised at the recruiting station, at 1502 E. Franklin St., by about a dozen middle-age and older veterans who stood in support of the Army.

"Is that all you got?" World World II Air Force veteran Al Meyer yelled back.

Yes, that is all they have. Seething hatred for the military and those who join. Consider this Kerryesque statement

"It's not the kids who have lots of choices and parental support [who get recruited]," said protester Tamara Tal, a UNC-Chapel Hill graduate student.

See? All those who join are apparently idiots from the lower economic and disfuctional families. If that were true, that would be Liberals fault, since their policies and idieas are the ones that create lower quality education, more welfare recipients, and the breakup of family life.

But, don't say they hate the military. They will cry and the liberal men might hit you with their purses.

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  3. […] Not content with a city-sponsored effort a year ago to keep military recruiters from associating with students on college and university campuses, the San Francisco Board of Education this week upped the ante and buried the needle on the outrage meter by voting on the day after Veterans Day to ban Junior ROTC groups from the city’s high schools. You certainly have to hand it to the gentle folk in the city by the Bay: They don’t try to hide their true feelings. If hatred for your country and its most cherished institutions is what you feel — and the pile of evidence on that point keeps getting taller — by all means shout it for all the world to hear. […]

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