Global Nutroots Offers N.E.W. Plan For Iraq

Just when I thought it would be a boring political day, the global nutroots folks chime in

Concerned citizens from over 150 countries have supported a campaign to run newspaper ads in the United States and United Kingdom today calling for a new strategy for Iraq, including a U.N.-led international peace conference. The effort is organized by, an online activist network of 340,000 citizens that rose up to demand a ceasefire in the conflict in Lebanon last July.

"People around the world agree that the solution in Iraq must be political, not military, and genuinely international, not unilateral," said Ricken Patel, the director of "It's time that the U.S. finally passed the diplomatic steering wheel to a more legitimate and impartial international mediator, like the United Nations."

The ad calls for a "N.E.W." plan for Iraq: (1) Negotiate with all Iraqi factions and neighbors; (2) Empower the international community to lead negotiations; and (3) Withdraw responsibly, according to the wishes of the Iraqi people.

"The recent elections showed us that we stand with the American people in our desire to see a fundamentally new direction in Iraq," said Patel. "When both the U.S. and the current Iraqi government lack the legitimacy to act as an honest broker, the international community must fill that void."

Got that? First, negotiate with Islamic terrorist supporting nations like Iran and Syria, who are part of the problem in Iraq as it is.

Second, we have the international community, ie, the UN, which brought you the Rwandan slaughter, the Oil For Food scandal, sexual harrasment, bribes, payoffs, nepotism, anti-Israeli hatred, sex and drugs parties with minors, and brutal, violent countries on the Human Rights Commission, along with such stalwarts of surrender like France.

Third, "withdraw responsibly" means "get the hell out of Iraq right now, you facist American warmongers who are the cause of all the worlds problems!"

As far as being a political solution, I really haven't noticed that the Muzzies are real fond of negotiation, unless it involves guns and suicide bombers.

Remeber, this is the same group that was calling for Israel to forget about their soldiers captured by Hezbollah, and the danger of Hezbollah to Israel, and retreat.

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