Nance Pelosi Joins The Nutroots, Plus Cut and Run

I find it very interesting that so many of the Democratic Congress critters post their nutty stuff within the Left-O-Sphere. Folks like Kerry, Conyers, Kennedy, John Edwards, Brad Miller, etc.

Now, we have soon to be Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi throwing some red meat to the Hufftards, with a post entitled "Bringing the war to an end is my highest priority as Speaker"

This morning, I visited our brave men and women at the Bethesda Naval Medical Center. It is a place of prayers, of honor, of respect, and reflection. And I left there more committed than ever to bringing the war to an end.

I told my colleagues yesterday that the biggest ethical issue facing our country for the past three and a half years is the war in Iraq.

She does not mean getting the job of a free and stable Iraq done, then leaving. She means yanking the troops out. Because it is now an "ethical issue." And we know she has the highest of ethical standards, which is why she supports abortion on demand, keeping minorities in poverty through welfare, unions for business other then her own, and supporting Murtha for Minority leader, among others.

I would think ethics would demand that Democrats support the United States in her efforts in Iraq, rather then taking the enemies side.

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