Kids Favor Wake County School Bonds

Sure, it is easy for them, they don't pay property tax!!!! (h/t Ogre)

KIDS SAY 'YES' TO BONDS: Wake County students also liked the school bonds this week — a lot more than their parents did.

The $970 million school bond issue was favored by 74 percent of the students who participated in the Kids Voting North Carolina/Wake County program. In real life, the bonds were favored by 53 percent of voters.

On Tuesday, 8,735 students cast ballots. Kids Voting encourages students to vote when they're children so they'll continue to do so as adults.

How about if they get jobs and pay their parents back, heck, pay those of us without kids back, for the bond? What? You mean they don't want to? Jeesh!

People say "hey, it is only about $7 more dollars a month on average." That's only $84 a year. Lunch money for 2 weeks. Till two years from now, when they want more money.

That being said, the Wake County government was going to get the money out of the taxpayers one way or another, whether we wanted it or not.

This may not be a popular idea, but, hey! let the parents pay the extra money, especially those who are moving in to the area.

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