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Open Trackback Tuesday: Senate Doesn’t Get Immigration Debate

If there was any doubt that many in the US Senate just do not understand the immigration debate, they proved it yesterday: Immigrant supporters claimed their first major victory since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks after a bipartisan group of senators approved legislation that would give millions of illegal immigrants a chance at citizenship. “I’d […]

Forget Abortion; Take Liberal Testes

Heard during one of the brief times I actually got to listen to Rush L., great new possible way to get stem cells: HUMAN testes could be a source of embryonic-like stem cells, providing a way to grow tissue to repair the body without having to destroy or create embryos. German researchers have discovered that […]

Off To The Hurricanes Game

And, yes, I am a Devils fan, but, the NHL still rocks!

Word Of The Day

Pleonasm: Redundancy of language in speaking or writing; the use of more words than are necessary to express the idea; as, I saw it with my own eyes.

News That Makes Ya Go “Duh”

In (another) thinly disguised story-as-editorial, the AP points out the obvious While only two Democrats in the Senate have embraced Sen. Russ Feingold’s call for censuring President Bush, the idea is increasing his standing among many Democratic voters as he ponders a bid for the party’s presidential nomination in 2008. Right, increasing among the Moonbat […]

UN: Global Warming Idiots

The UN is taking the position that global warming is all Man’s fault, or, to write like a Lib, the UN is using global warming to distract from their Oil For Food and sexual harrasment issues: There is growing evidence of a link between global warming and natural disasters such as droughts and flooding, the […]

Trackback Monday: NY Times Tries the DSM

The Grey Lady, in a long, drawn out, convoluted article, takes the same BS information that some British Leftard sources have published and regurgitates it as new. US President George W. Bush made clear to British Prime Minister Tony Blair in January 2003 that he was determined to invade Iraq without a UN resolution and […]

People Don’t Kill People, Guns Kill People

Or so the saying goes in the Leftard circles. So, what have these so called “Guns” done for us? Stood up and liberated the 13 Colonies from the tyranny of the British; Stood up against the British in 1812, saving a relatively new born country from incursions; Stood up and freed millions of Blacks in […]

Should Jim Black Resign?

First, who is Jim Black, and why must he go? From Jim Black Must Go: Over the course of the last 12 months, the Speaker clearly has abused his office. Need evidence? Consider this: The Speaker let a registered lobbyist secretly run his office. He appointed a paid representative of one of the companies seeking […]

American Flag Business

We have a bunch of fine bloggers to add to the American Flag League. Give it up for Reformed Chicks Blabbing Life Under The Sun KeepinItReal WebKittyn Warbles The Rolling Barrage Welcome aboard, Mateys!   Crossed at the American Flag League.

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