Open Trackback Tuesday: Senate Doesn’t Get Immigration Debate

If there was any doubt that many in the US Senate just do not understand the immigration debate, they proved it yesterday:

Immigrant supporters claimed their first major victory since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks after a bipartisan group of senators approved legislation that would give millions of illegal immigrants a chance at citizenship.

“I’d like to point out that a lot of these young people are children and grandchildren of people who came here illegally who are citizens themselves who don’t want their grandmother sent back to Guadalajara,” McCain said Tuesday on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

Is it so hard for these Senate Critters to understand that the people are here illegally? Apparently so.

Recent polls show that about six in 10 Americans oppose letting illegal immigrants remain in the country and apply for citizenship and three of every four don’t believe the government is doing enough to stem the continuing tide of new arrivals.

These Senate Critters are completely out of touch. From what I have read around the ‘sphere, both Right and Left, it appears that most folks are A-OK with migrant works and temp workers who are here legally, and are fine with those who want to emigrate legally to the USA. But, they are not fine with all these illegals, and want them gone.

The Bill does have some of what the people have been asking for, but is the price with this “make illegals legal” garbage too much?

However, all immigrants, both legal and illegal, are creating issues in that they are not trying to be part of America. In the past, folks would come to America, they would learn what it is about, and learn to speak English, if they didn’t already. While so many, such as the Irish, the Orientals, and the Italians, kept much of their culture, they also attempted to be a part of the American culture. Now, it seems that immigrants don’t even bother. And they expect us to aclimate to them! Talk about harming their own arguments for legal immigration.

Bluto at The Jawa Report says that the Judiciary Committee has sold the country down the river. Damn if his is not right.

Michelle Malkin says Teddy Kennedy is very happy. McCain won’t be in 2008, though.

Right Wing News wonders about the illegal immigration horror show.

Wizbang says “repeal the 13th Amendment.”

More: Ogre takes Sue Myrick’s stance: Not only “No,” but “Hell, No!”

And, as a sidebar, McCain has given Conservatives yet another reason NOT to support or vote for him.

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    Some good news for a change:
    Greetings from China

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