More On The Feingold Censure Idiocy

Blogs For Bush has this covered, via the Boston Globe:

Sen. Russ Feingold’s call for censuring President Bush has limited support, but two New England Democrats said on Sunday that they won’t rule it out.

Feingold’s resolution would censure the president for authorizing a warrantless surveillance program, which the Wisconsin Democrat contends is illegal. Co-sponsors are Democratic Sens. Tom Harkin of Iowa and Barbara Boxer of California.

The two would be Sen’s Teddy “Make Freestyle Diving Illegal” Kennedy and often overlooked Jack Reed.

My first thought is “it is amazing that elected representatives for the People of the United States of America would take a position that endangers the Security of those same People.” Then I remember that they are Democrats, are unhinged about anything that involves President Bush, and that they have been putting said Security at risk since the late 60’s.

Matt at Blogs for Bush states:

How dare Kennedy say on one hand that “what is most important is to assure the national security in the United States,” and then on the other say that wiretapping of terrorists merits censure… The Democrats care not about national security, they want power at the expense of national security.

And, of course, the normal unhinged Deflectacrats have gone wonkers in the comments section.

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