People Don’t Kill People, Guns Kill People

Or so the saying goes in the Leftard circles. So, what have these so called “Guns” done for us?

  • Stood up and liberated the 13 Colonies from the tyranny of the British;
  • Stood up against the British in 1812, saving a relatively new born country from incursions;
  • Stood up and freed millions of Blacks in the 1860’s;
  • Stood up against the Central Powers in World War I, and led to the outlawing of the use of chemical weapons;
  • Stood up against the Axis Powers in World War II, stopping, among other things, the wholesale slaughter of Jews, Poles, and Gypsies. Changed the entire global map, freeing colonies around the world from European domination;
  • Stood up against Segregation, allowing Black children to attend White schools;
  • Stood up against the Soviet Union;
  • Stood up against Saddam Hussein (2x);
  • Stood up against Terrorists;

and so on. Guns have stood up for Americans and people around the world for hundreds of years. Huzzah for Guns!

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3 Responses to “People Don’t Kill People, Guns Kill People”

  1. Ogre says:

    Yay, guns!

  2. Chief RZ says:

    Exactly. Same for cars– “The SUV ejected the driver, killing him”.
    The car/gun/knife/shovel(or spade) does not kill people. The person wielding the instrument is personally responsible, and should face the consequences. That is the main problem with liberals, they refuse to acknowledge personal responsibility (or “judge” another person’s behavior).

  3. I’m not sure that most liberals even know what the phrase “personal responsibility even mean.

    And, though I rarely ever shoot guns, they rock!

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