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RightWing NutHouse Takes My Verbiage!

But, since Rick has written an article about one of my favorite (sic) Demoratic hypocrites, Nancy Pelosi, that’s OK. Go read it.

Still Not Evil Or Crazy Enough

Geez, back last March I was 41% evil. Now: That sucks. I’m doing what I can, for Satan’s sake. I’m not even that crazy You Are 48% Abnormal You are at medium risk for being a psychopath. It is somewhat likely that you have no soul. You are at medium risk for having a borderline […]

Peace Activists Threatened. Again.

You would think that something like this would be best served under the War On Terror category, right? BAGHDAD, Iraq – The kidnappers of four Christian peace activists threatened to kill them unless all Iraqi prisoners are released from Iraqi and U.S. prisons, according to a new tape broadcast Saturday. Al-Jazeera TV aired a tape […]

Remembering the Challenger-20 Years Ago

Back on this date, 1986, I was sitting in my dorm room at East Carolina, doing a little homework between classes, little 5 inch color tv on, turned to one of the local over the air channels, at 11:38am. They did have the shuttle launch on live, watched the lift off, looked away for a […]

Al Gore Is Sundancing! World Ends In 10 Years

There was a time when I actually thought highly of Al Gore, at least his environmental policies and viewpoints. Then, alas, he went insane, and has now become part of the problem for environmentalism to be taken seriously, rather then as full of kooks. Case in point: Has ever a little indie film faced a […]

Code Pink Sorta Unhinged

Funny story. Not ha ha funny, but more the Unhinged Left type funny story. So, I’m in Downtown Raleigh, picking something up, and I decide to check out the redone Cameron Village Library. So, after a drive past scenic Central Prison (where they execute bad people), I make it over there. Very nice. Checked out […]

Cool It USA

Yet another Global Warming project that misses the mark People can’t take steps to reduce global warming unless they know how much they are contributing to it. Using that belief as a starting point, environmentalists and Silicon Valley companies rolled out a new plan Thursday to help South Bay businesses and the public compute how […]

John Kerry For Filibuster

Yes, I am sure a gaggillion (slightly more then a shatload) of people have mentioned John F’ing Kerry call for a filibuster of Alito. I wonder if it is a promise similar to Kerry saying he would release his full Form 180’s? Well, that is for another day, specifically Monday, when it will be a […]

American Flag Bidness

Bunch of new members to introduce to the American Flag League. Give it up for Bloggin’ Outloud Acts of Aggression Welcome aboard, Matey’s!!!! Crossed at the AFL

How To Stop The Blogosphere For Awhile

Well, if I got the traffic like Puppy Blender or Michelle M, I suppose. However, if thouest likes puzzles, try Hapland. Will drive you nuts. Then Hapland 2. Bwahahahahahahaha!

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