Code Pink Sorta Unhinged

Funny story. Not ha ha funny, but more the Unhinged Left type funny story.

So, I’m in Downtown Raleigh, picking something up, and I decide to check out the redone Cameron Village Library. So, after a drive past scenic Central Prison (where they execute bad people), I make it over there. Very nice. Checked out what is new in fiction, found a couple good science fiction books, including the new Star Wars Outbound Flight, which isn’t scheduled for release till Jan 31. Then I went to check out the new non-fiction.

I go up the stairs (this is a nice library now), and start perusing. I took a look at Malkin’s "Unhinged," not to read it (already did that back last November), but to see if there was any wacko Lefty writing in it, like in several copies of Ann Coulter’s books, Hannity’s book, and several other copies of Conservative books. There wasn’t. Yet.

Then I noticed this pink book, which wasn’t even hard back. It was Code Pink’s book Stop The Next War Now! This isn’t the only wacko group book in that library. They also have MoveOn’s 50 Ways to Love Your Country. None of the other libraries have them, but Cameron Village is near NC State, so lots of little liberals in the making.

I perused the Code Wacko book briefly, getting the general gist, and trying not to let my wrists get limp and my pinky’s get raised, then snickered, pffft’d, and said "get a life" under my breath.

Well, there was this lady who was looking at non fiction, too. She asked me why I snickered and stuff. I told her that (and, gotta give you the general drift of what I said, as this was earlier this afternoon), while it would be nice to live in a world of peace, Code Pink’s rhetoric and ideals where completely off the reservation.

Now, I do not know if she was a Code Pink member, there are supposedly only 90 members across NC, but she knew lots of Code Pink rhetoric and lefty dogma, and proceded to tell me about it. Now, she was only sorta unhinged, because she was quite, and did not make a scene. People around us probably though we knew each other. But, some of the words that crossed her lips were nazi, fascist, sheeple, Rethug, and Bushlerite. She yapped and yapped.

I really paid her no mind, considering that I did not know her, and we were in a public library. Not the time and place. She followed me to the self checkout, still going, then followed me out to my car. She kept insulting me and Conservatives, really no basis in reality. I asked her nicely to back away, I needed to get back to work. She didn’t. Then she called me a f*cking fascist.

In all my life, I have never had to utter these words to a woman: "If you do not stop harrassing me, I am going to call the police." Giving her a good pop in the snoot, while deserved and called for, would be wrong on several levels, including the legal one. Surprisingly, that got through to her.

What is wrong with these people? To get so worked up that you would follow someone around in a library who you do not even know, then follow them outside, truly is pure unhinged moonbat.

Here’s to you, nutty lady!

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3 Responses to “Code Pink Sorta Unhinged”

  1. patty-jo says:

    I sure hope you didn’t let her set the tone for the rest of your day. Toxic people suck!

  2. Na, I let it go. I went off had a good lunch while reading the Star Wars book. I am definately a Star Wars geek.

  3. Chad says:

    I had one of those nutjobs the other week at a
    Barnes and Nobles…

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