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Happy New Year

A little humor for ya! Be safe, one and all. !vb:gv,-1848624566595377533!

Do The Democrats Have Plans?

An old conversation, maybe, but, I just really have to wonder: where are the Democratic plans? I just spent a couple hours perusing quite a few Democratic Congressional Critter websites, and I failed to find any plans. I found lots of whining about Bush and Republicans, lots of reprints of long winded speeches, but nothing […]

How Dems Do Prison, Part II

Are you familiar with Frank Ballance? No? Well, he is the former US Congressman (NC-D) sentenced to prison for a variety of charges (original story here). They had one party for him. Then they had a sendoff for him a few nights ago. It was a time of frivolity and a celebration of how great […]

American Flag Bidness

Lot’s more folks to be added to the American Flag League. Give it up for The Discerning Texan Quietly Making Noise Mensa Barbie Welcomes You Locus Media

Those NSA Cookies Are Bad, Right?

What is the big deal with the NSA putting cookies on visitors PC’s? Like this is something new in the world of the Internet? Consider, the NSA is one of the penultimate technological agencies in the world. And, oh no, they drop a cookie on your computer. Wow. Amazing. Probably wouldn’t be a real good […]

ACLU Beatdown: Don’t Talk To Me Part Deux

As a follow up to yesterday’s Stop the ACLU post, regarding the ACLU having a problem with security screeners profiling people by *gasp* talking to them and looking at them, the USA Today had an interesting Editorial, which I saw when I actually read a newspaper made of, well, paper, rather then photons Six years […]

Call Steve Irwin!!!!!

Gator’s in urban areas is no longer an urban myth. Not New York City, though LOS ANGELES (AFP) – Authorities charged two men for releasing an alligator in the lake of a Los Angeles public park. Numerous attempts to capture the alligator have failed since the animal was discovered by a fisherman in August in […]

Stop The ACLU: Don’t Talk to Me

It is simply amazing what the ACLU will complain about. If it has anything to do with protecting the American People, you can guarantee a whine and cheese fest. Now, they do not want people talking to other people. To start at the beginning: The Transportation Security Administration plans to train screeners at 40 major […]

American Flag Bidness

Several more fine members have been added to the Americal Flag League: Don Surber National Institute of Truth and Freedom Freedomland (in Italian, with an Italian web address, no less!) Welcome aboard, Matey’s!!!!!

WTW: A Whopping 10 People

Give me a break The CIA’s independent watchdog is investigating fewer than 10 cases where terror suspects may have been mistakenly swept away to foreign countries by the spy agency, a figure lower than published reports but enough to raise some concerns. Bush has said that these transfers to other countries — with assurances the […]

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