How Dems Do Prison, Part II

Are you familiar with Frank Ballance? No? Well, he is the former US Congressman (NC-D) sentenced to prison for a variety of charges (original story here). They had one party for him. Then they had a sendoff for him a few nights ago. It was a time of frivolity and a celebration of how great Frank is

The nearly 100 people attending the event, called a “People’s Freedom Rally,” donned orange ribbons as a show of support, the color also reflecting the orange jumpsuits worn by inmates in many prisons.

Attendees who over the years claimed they were falsely imprisoned dipped their fingers in orange ink to symbolize those unjustly sent to prison. Ballance took part in that ceremony.

Prior to the rally, Jessica High, a former area cheerleader, led the audience in a cheer. “Clap your hands everybody. Everybody clap your hands. ‘Cuz F-R-A-N-K is the best man around.”

Followed by lots of sappy remembrances of Frank. This is the way Dems send someone off to prison. Charges of theft, graft, money laundering, and intimidation. Nice.

Certainly, a few years of crime do not erase previous good, but, umm, Frank did wrong! If, say, Scooter is convicted and sent to prison, do you think the GOP will throw him a party? Doubtful.

Frank is not being unjustly jailed. He made a plea bargain. If he wasn’t guilty, why would he do that?

Face it, Democrats do not mind when their own commit crimes. Or are hypocrites. Or are clueless.

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One Response to “How Dems Do Prison, Part II”

  1. Chad says:

    Things like this just say it all about the differences.
    Right wing people shun criminals. Because they’re criminals.
    Left wing people celebrate criminals. Because they’re criminals.

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