Daily Archives: December 3, 2005

Paid News In Iraq

Really, the whole story, such as it is, is becoming absurd. I fail to see what the BFD is in getting stories that are positive to and for the United States in the media of Iraq. Don’t we want good press about our country and what we do? The rest of the word has like […]

How Democrats Do Prison

Interesting. While Republicans were out there, including President Bush, decrying what Rep. Duke Cunningham did, Democrats are celebrating former NC Rep. Frank Ballance going to jail: Former congressman Frank Ballance, due to start a four-year prison term by the end of this month, will be given a send-off this weekend featuring an appearance by comedian […]

The Plame Thing is Still Around?

Yup. The Demaloons are still taking an interest in an investigation into, well, nothing. No crime committed in "outing" Valerie Plame as a CIA agent employee. Yet, on the most overrated blog, which also happens to have the most open thread (which y’all must read: pure idiocy), Atrios writes: According to CNN both Luskin and […]

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