Daily Archives: December 20, 2005

Where Is The Pirate’s Cove Hidden?

Might it finally be time to reveal where the secret port of the Pirate’s Cove resides? Sure, what the hell. On the Commissar’s map, if you look down at the Adriatic Sea, right off the coast of Diktatia, you will see an island just to the right of longitude 16. Bamm! Perfect place to interdict […]

While We Are On Eight

This is, well, just plain stupid Eight men at the American prison camp in Guantánamo Bay have separately given their lawyers "consistent accounts" of being tortured at a secret jail in Afghanistan at various periods between 2002 and 2004, the New-York based Human Rights Watch said Sunday. A report released by the rights group to […]

100,000 Today?

Need slightly over 100 to bust it. Who will it be? Update: thank you everyone who came by, and who has come by. Thank you Janette for the link in helping me over the hump. Thanks Maggie and Tammy, I appreciate! Looks to me like #100 was from IP 216.183.245, possibly from Canton, Ohio, and […]

12 Days Of Christmas-I’m Bad

On the Eighth Day of Christmas, the Season gave to me Eight tips to beat stress The Feast of the Seven Fishes Six cows stolen Five suspected terrorists out on bail Four Vikings in love boat trouble 3 made up stories 2 Strippers in Santa Hats and Tookie lit up like a Christmas Tree Here […]

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