Daily Archives: December 30, 2005

American Flag Bidness

Lot’s more folks to be added to the American Flag League. Give it up for The Discerning Texan Quietly Making Noise Mensa Barbie Welcomes You Locus Media

Those NSA Cookies Are Bad, Right?

What is the big deal with the NSA putting cookies on visitors PC’s? Like this is something new in the world of the Internet? Consider, the NSA is one of the penultimate technological agencies in the world. And, oh no, they drop a cookie on your computer. Wow. Amazing. Probably wouldn’t be a real good […]

ACLU Beatdown: Don’t Talk To Me Part Deux

As a follow up to yesterday’s Stop the ACLU post, regarding the ACLU having a problem with security screeners profiling people by *gasp* talking to them and looking at them, the USA Today had an interesting Editorial, which I saw when I actually read a newspaper made of, well, paper, rather then photons Six years […]

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