Daily Archives: December 15, 2005

The Death Penalty is Racist?

We have heard so many times that Capital Punishment is racist. The Reverend Jesse Jackson, when he isn’t creating illegitimate little Jesse’s, has stated "This is a problem! You escape the federal death penalty based on your race and residence. If you’re an African American in Texas who commits a crime that could warrant the […]

Stop The ACLU! They Hate Christianity

The ACLU and its supporters can pontificate on them just wanting to uphold the 1st Amendment and make sure there is a "seperation between Church and State," but that would be disengenuous, at best. First, there is no such Constitutional provision, based on everything I have ever been taught and read, including that piece of […]

Speaking of Executions

I wonder why all those folks protesting for Tookie ignored this guy? PARCHMAN, Miss. – A 77-year-old convicted hitman was executed Wednesday, becoming the oldest person in the nation put death since capital punishment was reinstated nearly three decades ago. John B. Nixon Sr. still claimed innocence as he was strapped to the death chamber […]

12 Days Of Christmas-I’m Bad

On the 3rd Day of Christmas, The Exempt Media gave to me 3 Made Up Stories 2 Santa Strippers and Tookie lit up like a Christmas Tree Yup, today it is 3 BS stories. Yesterday, we had the false 18 wheelers bringing fake ballots across the Iranian-Iraqi border story, debunked by Confederate Yankee. He caught […]

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