Daily Archives: December 28, 2005

American Flag Bidness

Several more fine members have been added to the Americal Flag League: Don Surber National Institute of Truth and Freedom Freedomland (in Italian, with an Italian web address, no less!) Welcome aboard, Matey’s!!!!!

WTW: A Whopping 10 People

Give me a break The CIA’s independent watchdog is investigating fewer than 10 cases where terror suspects may have been mistakenly swept away to foreign countries by the spy agency, a figure lower than published reports but enough to raise some concerns. Bush has said that these transfers to other countries — with assurances the […]

WTW: Next Wave Of Security Specialists

Hey, y’all, Jebediah here. Now, this is interesting. How long before the ACLU and other Leftist "we obstruct national security because, you know, Bush is Pres" groups pitch a fit? Scientists at a Georgia laboratory have developed what could be a low-tech, low-cost weapon in the war on terrorism: trained wasps. The tiny, non-stinging wasps […]

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