Daily Archives: December 10, 2005

Iron Lady Not Doing Well

I mentioned the other day the "outpouring of love" that the Democratic Underground twits were showing for Margaret Thatcher. More recent news shows she is not doing well, and she and her family deserve our prayers Former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher’s short-term memory has faded to the extent that she cannot remember the start […]

Holy Cow! Dems Have a Plan!!!!!

Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with Iraq, the War on Terror, tax reform, Social Security reform, the environment, or anything else regarding domestic or international policy. But, that is nothing new from the Party that nominated a man with over 20 years service as a Senator, and a wopping 11 pieces of fluff to […]

Daily Adventures

I’m using the ATM here. You mind backing the f*ck off? Get the hell off your phone while driving, or buy a f*cking headset. I really do not need you tailgating and almost rear-ending me at 7:20 am. Asshole. I just want a coffee. No Latte’, no skim milk, no chocolate shavings. Gimme!

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