Holy Cow! Dems Have a Plan!!!!!

Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with Iraq, the War on Terror, tax reform, Social Security reform, the environment, or anything else regarding domestic or international policy. But, that is nothing new from the Party that nominated a man with over 20 years service as a Senator, and a wopping 11 pieces of fluff to his name:

WASHINGTON – Democrats’ presidential nominating calendar should have a new early lineup to better reflect ethnic and geographic diversity, with caucuses in one or two states after Iowa’s and before New Hampshire’s leadoff primary, a party commission recommended Saturday.

The proposal, requiring eventual approval by the Democratic National Committee, also would add primaries in one or two states after New Hampshire’s. After that, the election calendar would be open to other states by Feb. 5.

Woo hoo! Big news from the Democrats. Next up will certainly be a strategy session on how best to put plants on Senators desks on the Senate floor.

Kinda funny how they are so worried about "ethnic" diversity, when there is little within the Party leadership to start with. Remember Kerry’s lilly white team? If you have to worry about it, it means there is an issue. Like every other issue, the Dems have no clue how to solve it.

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