Daily Archives: December 31, 2005

Happy New Year

A little humor for ya! Be safe, one and all. !vb:gv,-1848624566595377533!

Do The Democrats Have Plans?

An old conversation, maybe, but, I just really have to wonder: where are the Democratic plans? I just spent a couple hours perusing quite a few Democratic Congressional Critter websites, and I failed to find any plans. I found lots of whining about Bush and Republicans, lots of reprints of long winded speeches, but nothing […]

How Dems Do Prison, Part II

Are you familiar with Frank Ballance? No? Well, he is the former US Congressman (NC-D) sentenced to prison for a variety of charges (original story here). They had one party for him. Then they had a sendoff for him a few nights ago. It was a time of frivolity and a celebration of how great […]

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