Do The Democrats Have Plans?

An old conversation, maybe, but, I just really have to wonder: where are the Democratic plans? I just spent a couple hours perusing quite a few Democratic Congressional Critter websites, and I failed to find any plans. I found lots of whining about Bush and Republicans, lots of reprints of long winded speeches, but nothing regarding what they would do.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be disappointed, but I am. The so called champions of the environment, the poor, womans and minority rights, etc, offer no ideas or plans regarding how to make them better. Nothing. Shame. But, of course, you should vote for them, cause they will tell you their plans once elected. (snicker)

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2 Responses to “Do The Democrats Have Plans?”

  1. JulieB says:

    Well most of us are disappointed with the DNC as well. No strategy there, but crap. There are some individuals who are interesting, my favorite being Obama. There are several others…but it’s Dec. 31, the neighborhood is floating away and I’m a little distracted!
    Happy New Year to you Teach!

  2. SoCal Pir8 (ECU71) says:

    Your search (fruitless) and the comments by clitzpah queen above show that the dems are all about slogans but not much else; style instead of substance, all talk, not action, all bark, not bite…

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