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WTW: Next Wave Of Security Specialists

Hey, y’all, Jebediah here. Now, this is interesting. How long before the ACLU and other Leftist "we obstruct national security because, you know, Bush is Pres" groups pitch a fit? Scientists at a Georgia laboratory have developed what could be a low-tech, low-cost weapon in the war on terrorism: trained wasps. The tiny, non-stinging wasps […]

Global Warming: This Is Science?

After reading quite a bit lately regarding "global warming," I am coming to the conclusion that it really doesn’t exist. While I have held the position that it did, but was more a force of the Earth and the Sun, it is starting to look like it just is not real. But, that is a […]

A Few Days Kinda Off

Since it is the Holiday season (Christmas thru New Years) and I am visiting the ‘rentals through Thursday, kinda taking the week off, lite posting. Kinda wish that the Surrender Monkeys had taken Christmas off. Took a little look at some of the prime players, Democratic Underground, Daily Kosbat, Huff Post, etc, and what I […]

Yes, Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus 2005

Every Christmas, after the presents are opened and breakfast is being made, I read this first in the paper. It is a Christmas classic that has always touched my soul. While many people outside of the Tri-State area have heard of it, rarely do papers outside of the NY-NJ-Conn area see it in print. I […]

That’s What Christmas Is All About, Charlie Brown

Whew! Finally. Cooperation from technology. Last year, I posted this in audio. With some enormous trial and error, I figured out how to take it from a DVD recorder copy to the Internet(s) screen. Hope everyone likes it. Enjoy! Merry Christmas! Video not working correctly on site. Makes things wonky. Go here

Video Not Functioning

Hmm, Video Egg is not allowing me to post my special video for Christmas. So, in one of those "how not to blog" moments, stay tuned! Will try it throughout the day. It is a goody. Hint: check out what I did 12/24/2005.

12 Days Of Christmas-I’m Bad(well, not really)

On the Twelfth day of Christmas, my shrink gave to me Twelve Christmas Neuroses An Eleven year old millionaire Ten Commandments on display Nine displaced folks and a dog Eight tips to beat stress The Feast of the Seven Fishes Six cows stolen Five suspected terrorists out on bail Four Vikings in love boat trouble […]

Media Blows Another Operation. Asshats.

I thought I would be able to get away with a non serious day. Guess not, thanks to the asshats at Useless News and World Report A classified radiation monitoring program, conducted without warrants, has targeted private U.S. property in an effort to prevent an al-Qaida attack, federal law enforcement officials confirmed Friday. While declining […]

Today’s Musings

Because it is to nice a day, and so close to Christmas, that snarkiness would be wrong. The Four Stages of Life You believe in Santa You don’t believe in Santa You become Santa You start to look like Santa Never buy a coffee table you can’t put your feet on. If your not part […]

Boring News Day-Let’s Check The Traffic

Bad word coming in the written form. Not for little eyes. Funny though. Gotta admire the way the reporter kept on going. !vb:gv,3490417108844513041,1!

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