Call Steve Irwin!!!!!

Gator’s in urban areas is no longer an urban myth. Not New York City, though

LOS ANGELES (AFP) – Authorities charged two men for releasing an alligator in the lake of a Los Angeles public park.

Numerous attempts to capture the alligator have failed since the animal was discovered by a fisherman in August in Lake Machado at a park in southern Los Angeles.

"The victim here is actually all of us. The neighborhood, the city, the children who want to play in this park. That’s what we’re trying to protect today by filing these charges," said Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo.

The city accuses the two men of causing a public nuisance by releasing the 1.5 meter (five feet) reptile. Dubbed "Reggie" by local media, the alligator has proved a headache for city authorities who have brought in experts from Florida and elsewhere to try to capture the animal.

Reggie, Reggie, Reggie, Reggie! Go Reggie, it’s your birthday, go Reggie. Isn’t he a beauty? Don’t be a naughty boy, Reggie.

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One Response to “Call Steve Irwin!!!!!”

  1. JulieB says:

    Figures the Pirate would root for the gator!! There was one in one of the lakes in Golden Gate Park in S.F. Got away from someone intentionally or maybe unintentionally. Rumors said it was the S.F. Zoo, but who knows really? It took almost 2 years to get him. Frustrated the heck out of the Florida gator guys; made them look bad.

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