Daily Archives: January 10, 2006

American Flag Bidness

Yowza, several more members to add to the American Flag League. Big Huzzah’s for Liberty Bell The Truth The Right Wing Report Welcome aboard, Maties! Crossed at the American Flag League

Yahoo News Is Playing Games

From the front page of Yahoo News: WASHINGTON – Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito said Tuesday he would deal with the issue of abortion with an open mind as a justice, though he defended his 1991 judicial vote saying women seeking abortions must notify their husbands. In the second day of Senate hearings, Alito also […]

Gary Hart Speaks

and shows what an ass he is Former Democratic presidential candidate Gary Hart is hinting that he won’t support Hillary Clinton when she runs for president in 2008, saying he’s in "total disagreement" with her support for the Iraq war. "The Democrats have failed to come up with a party position on Iraq," Hart complained […]

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